Announcement about logistics services for “ 17. INTERNATIONAL COAL PREPARATION CONGRESS 2013 “ - ISTANBUL / TURKEY”


Dear Exhibitors / Sponsors ,

ExpoLOGIST is elected to coordinate the international freight forwarding, import-export customs clearances, on-site handling/logistic coordination and delivery of overseas shipments destinated for the ICPC 2013 Istanbul / TURKEY.

In order to secure the on time delivery of your shipments please pay attention to the very important information’s given below:

1.  The goods should be consigned according to the instructions given by ExpoLOGIST. Docu- ments (ATA- Carnet, invoice, Air waybill ) should also be prepared according to these instruc- tions. Wrong shipping documents will cause delay in the customs.

2.  All logistics services such as loading, unloading, handling and storage in the venue/congress area will be provided by ExpoLOGIST. Besides in the venue area only ExpoLOGIST equip- ments and personnel available and other companies are not allowed to enter the venue with their own equipments and personnel. It is possible for the exhibitors to have their own employee and work during build up period.

3.  ExpoLOGIST is approved to clear goods in the Turkish Customs which are destinated for

ICPC 2013 Istanbul ” and consigned according to their shipping instructions. If a third part is involved in customs clearances of the shipments and has problems in the Turkish Customs, neither ExpoLOGIST nor the organizers will be responsible for delayed or not delivered ship- ments.

4.  Please note that also currier shipments are subject to customs examination in Turkey. In fact, most part of currier shipments are getting stuck in the customs upon arrival in Turkey. Therefore it is very important to not consign your currier shipment to the hotel-venue or to any person! To ensure that your currier shipments will be released from the customs in such a case it MUST be consigned to ExpoLOGIST, as otherwise they will not be able to assist you with the clearance of your shipment.


ExpoLOGIST team is responsible and ready to assist you in terms of your shipments for

“ ICPC 2013 Istanbul ”.

You may contact;

Mr. Ali Erdem                 : +90 533 464 20 21

Mr. Erkin ATALAY           : +90 506 683 27 95

Mr. Gürsoy DAGTEKIN     : +90 506 683 27 98