General Information


The official congress language is English; however, the presantations will be translated simultaneously to Turkish, Russian and Chinese.


At the time of congress, temperatures in Istanbul will range between 10-15 ° C.


Turkish Airlines, Turkey’ s flag-carrier, flies to nearly 80 destinations worldwide and offers direct connections to leading cities not just in Europe but also in North America and the Far East.
- 50 international airlines are flying to and from Istanbul.
- International award-winning facility.
- Distance from the airport to the city centre is 20 km.
- Shuttle buses, metro and taxis to the city centre.
- Capable of serving up to 20 million passengers annually.
- State-of-the-art automated baggage handling and security measures.

Currency & Credit Cards

Turkish currency is the Turkish Lira, TL. TL is freely sold and bought in hotels, banks and special exchange offices called “döviz bürosu”. Car rental offices, hotels, above average restaurants, shops, travel agencies, gas stations will accept your credit cards. You can get cash with your credit card or cash card by using cash machines (ATM’s) in bank buildings or street booths.


Passport and visa requirements vary by country of origin. Contact your travel agent for the requirements in your country. If you have your passport/visa make sure it has current information and that it is valid through the last day of your travel.

Letter of Invitation

The congress will send a letter of invitation to any individual requesting one. Invitations are intended to help potential delegates raise travel funds or obtain  a visa. It is not a commitment from the congress or the organizers to provide financial support.