About The ICPC

The XVII. International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) will be held in Istanbul on October 1-6, 2013. Being an IOC member since 1998, Turkey will have the honor of hosting the ICPC  for the first time.  The ICPC, having been organized every four years under the leadership of the host member country, aims to bring together experts from around the world to discuss the recent advances and developments in coal preparation and quality improvement technologies. The technical sessions and the exhibition which will run concurrently during the congress will expose the participants to cutting-edge research and practices in coal preparation.

The concept of an ICPC was developed through the Allied Coal Commission which was an offshoot of the Marshall Plan. The objective was to reestablishing the coal industries of France, Belgium, Germany and  Holland, which had been devastated by the war, for redeveloping Europe. The first International Organizing Committe (IOC) consisted of members from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and United Kingdom, and U.S.A. was represented by Bill Crentz , from US Bureau of Mines. Presently, IOC is composed of 12 full members and 4 corresponding members.


International Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Gülhan Özbayoğlu (Chairperson) Turkey
Andrew Swanson   
Dr. Ahmed Salama  
Zhou Shaolei         
Dieter Ziaja        
Raj Kumar Sachdev   
Konstantin Yuryevich Alekseev  
Prof. Dr. Wieslaw Blaschke 
Johan de Korte
South Africa
Dr. Olexandr Yegurnov     
Douglas Jenkinson   
United Kingdom
Dr. Mel Laurila    
United States of America


Corresponding Members


Prof.Dr.Vladimír Čablík


Czech Republic

Prof. Dr. Georgios Anastasakis   
Prof. Dr. Ljudmilla Bokanyi   
Dr. Slavomir Hredzak         


The countries that have hosted the ICPC are in the subsequent congresses:

1950 - France, Paris

1954 - Germany, Essen

1958 - Belgium, Liege

1962 - UK, Harrogate

1966 - USA., Pittsburgh

1972 - France, Paris

1976 - Australia, Sydney

1979 - SSCB, Donetsk

1982 - India, New Delhi

1986 - Canada, Edmonton

1990 - Japan, Tokyo

1994 - Poland, Krakow

1998 - Australia, Brisbane

2002 - Republic of South Africa, Johannesburgh

2006 - Republic of China, Beijing

2010 - USA., Lexington


In April 2008, at the meeting in Oglebay Park-Pittsburgh, the IOC granted Turkey, among the other candidate countries- Australia, Germany and India- the honour of organizing XVII.ICPC which will be held in Istanbul. The Turkish Organizing Committee has the pleasure of hosting XVII.ICPC.